Unquestioned leader of aluminium skimming’s trade in Poland!

The WISTAL company for 30 years takes care of aluminium skimming’s treatment and trade. The quality of our products has let us to receive strong position in domestic and international trade. We are in collaboration with the biggest smelters and aluminium foundries in Europe.

The finest quality of our products can be confirmed by our satisfied customers.

Aluminium skimmings – aluminium hoofs

Aluminium hoofs are skimmings of aluminium alloy, very often in the shape of cuboid or cube. They are made during aluminium casting as a production waste with high content of aluminium. Aluminium hoofs of good quality do not contain iron and other elements decreasing quality of smelting.

WISTAL’S aluminium hoofs are well-known of:


  • aluminium content around 75%,
  • deficit of iron in its’ free form,
  • deficit of ash and dusts,
  • cohesive structure,
  • repeatability.